We create Oregon website designs that stand out!

Grow your small business with a brand new Oregon website design that not only attracts and engages customers, but also helps them find exactly what they are looking for.

Most businesses have a website, but most of them are bad and slow.

How do you know if your business is experiencing bad website syndrome?

If you have any or all of these symptoms its time to contact us for a FREE Clarity Call to discuss how to address your problem.

  • Your website is not mobile-friendly.
  • It takes forever to load!
  • The design looks like its from the early 2000s or earlier.
  • It doesn't communicate the value that your bring to your customers.
what are the sign of a bad website?


Stop guessing at a plan of action and let one of our experts analyze your site for you—free of charge.

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What are the benefits of having an effective website?

Your website is the first impression for most customers.

Our Oregon website design services comes with some benefits your target audience and google will love.

  • You'll have a professional looking site that's easy to navigate.
  • It's a great way to stand out from the competition.
  • Increase conversion rates with our stunning website designs.
  • Your website will be mobile friendly

We enjoy creating responsive Oregon website designs that help our clients reach their goals. 

We've enjoyed designing smartly-designed websites in Oregon as we understand how important it is for them to function well across all devices with a contemporary look and feel so users can really get what they need from your site's content!


"Ive been working with Mitch for the past few months and he provides incredible value. He is very easy to work with and is committed to make your business increase sales and integrate systems and processes within the website saving time, worry, and stress of a small business owner. I highly recommend him if your looking to improve your website, SEO, lead generation, etc!"

- Jacob B.


"Mitch and his team did an awesome job designing our new website. Very professional, great ideas and I highly recommend Bold Eye Media if you need similar services."

- Jeff G.

Oregon Wbbsite Design Services

Web design is more than just creating an attractive website.

It’s about taking into account the user experience, search engine optimization, ease of use and technical details to create a site that will perform well in today's competitive marketplace.

Bold Eye Media is your go-to Oregon Website & Development Agency for high-quality small business websites in the area. With our team, you can get back to work while we handle all of the intricacies that come with this process on your behalf.

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New Business Websites

You've just started a new business and now it's time to build your website.
We can help you create an engaging, modern looking site that will grow with you as your company grows!

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Website Redesign

If your website is outdated and needs a redesign, we’re the team for you. We have been providing responsive web design services to clients across the US since 2016.

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eCommerce Websites

We can help you build an ecommerce website to sell your products and services online.

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It starts with a free conversation.

The first step to growth is to book a FREE Discovery Call to see where your business is, and where it wants to be.

Ready To Grow Business Online? Let's chat!

  • Step #1: FREE Discovery Call

    The first step is to request a FREE Discovery Call by filling out this form so we can learn more about your business and what goals you are trying to achieve.

  • Step #2: Roadmapping Call

    The second step is to create a roadmap that works for your business and present you with a proposal to take action on the strategies.

  • Step #3: Proposal Call

    The third step is to take your roadmap and combine that with the investment it will require to reach your goals.

  • Step #4: Growth

    Once we receive a signed proposal and the initial deposit we will get started on your growth plan!

What do you need to know about our bellingham website design services?

How much does building a new website cost?

It's no secret that building a website can be expensive. But what does it cost to build an effective, professional-looking site?

$3,000-$10K is the ballpark range for most small businesses like yours and mine; but if you're looking for something more creative or have some specific needs (a customized design with lots of features), then we could get into upwards of $30k - so make sure your budget will accommodate these costs!

Why do you use WordPress instead of other platforms?

WordPress has a well-earned reputation for being one of the most user-friendly CMSs on the market. With its large knowledge base and extensive customizability, it provides flexibility and support that few other software options can offer.

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When do I need to redesign my website?

Remember the days when websites were static pages that you built once and would never think about updating again? Those days are well gone, and today there are plenty of reasons that you should be considering a website redesign. The speed at which technology is advancing is truly amazing, and your business site has to keep up with these advances and changing consumer habits. If you’re a business owner wondering whether it’s time to change up the old website, here are some telltale signs you need a new website in 2020.

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Do you only help businesses close to Bellingham, Washington?

Bold Eye Media helps small businesses across the United States whether you are in Seattle, Washington or in a small market.

Who We Work With.

We help small businesses and service companies across the US get results through website design, SEO and organic digital marketing.

  • Small Businesses

  • Landscaping

  • Contractors

  • Remodeling

  • Plumbing

  • HVAC

  • Construction

  • Electrical

  • Pressure Washing

Helpful Website Design Tips for Small Business Owners

Your slow loading website is costing you money

User Experience Customers today demand faster and faster websites. The attention spans of the general public are dwindling, and your website speed must keep up with the pace of decline in order to attract customers and keep eyes on the page for a longer time. The guideline for website run...
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5 Reasons Why Your Website Has A High Bounce Rate

What Is A High Bounce Rate? At this point, you may be wondering: “What constitutes a high bounce rate, and what is a good bounce rate?” The answer, unfortunately, isn’t so straightforward and depends on the type of page you are analyzing. For example, a well-run retail site should have...
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Why WordPress is Good for Small Businesses

It’s easy to upload and manage content. Gone are the days when your webmaster has to dig through lines of code to update your homepage. WordPress makes it easy for even the most technologically-challenged people to upload a post or swap out an image. That’s because WordPress is a Content...
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Signs That It Is Time To Re-Design Your Website

1. Your Website Has A High Bounce Rate Your bounce rate is the number that measures how many visitors leave your site after viewing one page. In other words, this is the percentage of people who take a single look at your site and leave your site. Whether this is...
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