Does Posting On Google My Business Help SEO

Does Posting On Google My Business Help SEO

In today’s digital age, does posting to Google My Business help search engine optimization? For many business owners, it can be hard to know how to create a successful online marketing strategy. Luckily, there are free tools like Google My Business that make it easy and cost effective for businesses to reach more customers!

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    Why should I Include Google My Business In My SEO Strategy?

    As content marketers, we often fail to acknowledge a significant part of our responsibility is ensuring exposure to the content.

    In this increasingly digital world, the number one search engine is Google. With 60% of current businesses listing on Google My Business, it’s essential for business owners to take advantage of free tools like this if they want to succeed.

    “Google My Business (GMB) is one of the most powerful ways to improve a business’ local search engine optimization and online visibility”

    Why Do I Need Google My Business?

    It’s one of many digital marketing tools that business owners can use to increase their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs).

    Google My Business helps businesses get more exposure from a well-established, credible source. It does this by placing the business at the top of search engine results pages when customers are searching in that area or geographical location.

    For example, if someone is looking to buy flowers in a certain city, after typing their search term into Google and clicking on the “maps” tab, they’ll notice that all of the businesses in that area (including yours) will show up at the top.



    What Kind Of Content Should I Be Sharing On My Google My Business Listing?

    As a business owner, it’s important to post meaningful content that will help your potential customers learn more about you, or provide them with detailed information of the products or services you offer.

    1. Share Offers & Specials

    You can use a Google My Business page with weekly google business posts to try out different types of content for your business.

    Sharing offers and specials can be a good way to get people in your store, while showcasing products or services does the same for online shoppers.

    2. Post Helpful Content

    If your business is located in a prominent location with an outstanding atmosphere, you can highlight the experience customers will have before they arrive.

    3. Share Business Updates

    Utilize Google My Business to share your business information, such as relocate or new store hours.

    4. Event Posts

    Posting upcoming events that are open to the public is a great way of increasing foot traffic.There’s no shortage of content ideas for your Google My Business page!

    5. Add Photography

    Add photos to your google my business listing to show off your business in its best light. If you have an event coming up, post that too!

    To make your business stand out, you might try including photographs of your work or featuring your products in the description.

    What is the ideal Google My Business Post Image Size?

    You’ll need a 720 x 720 image, and it must be between 10KB in size – but no more than 5MB. The most important thing is that you have an accurate representation of what’s happening with adequate lighting and focus so people can see all the details on their screens! JPG or PNG are both accepted formats as long as they meet these minimum requirements

    6. Add Videos

    Adding a video to your google my business listing is an easy way to show off what you do. Videos on Google My Business are automatically shown in the form of a slideshow.

    7. Answer Questions

    A Google My Business Page can be an important tool for your business to utilize. Answer common questions about your business by creating a profile and engaging with customers, as this increases site rank and results in more traffic.


    Using Google My Business Posts Can Increase Your Local Map Pack Rankings & Overall SEO Efforts

    You can use a Google My Business page to increase visibility in the search engines for your business.

    Some major benefits to using Google My Business for SEO and marketing include:

    1. Increased Visibility:

    You can take your company’s visibility to the next level by optimizing online presence for those in your area. Google My Business helps local seo for contractors and businesses, like yours, get found and attract customers!

    Posting regularly on Google My Business can help your business climb to the top of local search results. In areas where there are many similar businesses or businesses providing similar services, utilizing effective SEO tools can help your business listing move to the top.

    The goal is to have your Google My Business listing shop up in the Google Map pack for the desired search term in the area.

    By maximizing a Google My Business listing, you can ensure that your business is not only found on Maps but also for other related search terms like “flower store near me” or “florist shop nearby.”

    This means more potential customers and increased traffic!

    “Google Posts are low-impact, low-effort tasks. They should be combined with other tasks to help improve Local SEO for a small business.”

    2. Interaction and Engagement with Customers

    Google My Business gives your business a clear path and platform to directly communicate with your customers. When a consumer searches your business, they will instantly be able to see your recent gmb posts, with pictures, videos, and other attractive content to catch their attention.

    In addition, you can easily make changes to any business hours or offerings, as needed.

    When your business profile is optimized it will increase your local pack rankings.

    How Do I create Google My Business Posts?

    Creating gmb posts does not require any special training. Simply write what you want to post as if it were a blog post, and then save the draft in your Google My Business Dashboard. You can also use pictures or videos from your computer that have been saved on your device!

    Then upload your google my business posts onto Google My Business by clicking “add.”


    Google My Business Can Help Increase Your Visibility

    Google My Business is a tool that can help increase your visibility on search engines and drive more customers to you. If you have a landscaping business, then it’s important for you to take advantage of this free opportunity so that potential customers will be able to find your company online.

    You may also want to consider creating content specifically for the platform like videos or photos in order to captivate audiences who visit your page.

    At Bold Eye Media, we know how effective Google My Business has been for our clients because they see an increased number of clicks from their listings and higher ranking positions on SERPS (search engine result pages). Let us handle all of the details so that you can focus on what really matters—your business!

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