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Unlock the true potential of your online store with Bold Eye Media's cutting-edge eCommerce website design solutions, tailored for Bellingham, WA.

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Is your current e-commerce website struggling to attract and retain customers?

In today's competitive market, a poorly designed e-commerce website can be a huge disadvantage. Navigation issues, slow loading times, or unattractive design could lead to frustrated visitors, abandoned carts, and a decline in sales. And worse, it can damage your brand's reputation, making it hard to recover in the long run.

Bold Eye Media offers Bellingham e-commerce website design services that can turn things around. Our expert team ensures your site is visually appealing, user-friendly, and optimized for conversions. We help make the shopping experience enjoyable for your customers, leading to increased loyalty, return visits, and improved sales for your business.

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Unlock insights to elevate your website's performance in user experience, conversion optimization, SEO, online visibility, performance, and security.

Optimize user experience for increased engagement.

Boost conversion rates with effective optimizations.

Improve search engine visibility and drive traffic.

Expand online presence and boost brand awareness.

Enhance website performance for better user satisfaction.

Strengthen website security and protect data.

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An effective web designer understands how important it is for your website to function well across all devices with a contemporary look and feel so users can really get what they need from your site's content!

"Ive been working with Mitch for the past few months and he provides incredible value. He is very easy to work with and is committed to make your business increase sales and integrate systems and processes within the website saving time, worry, and stress of a small business owner. I highly recommend him if your looking to improve your website, SEO, lead generation, etc!"

- Jacob B.

"Mitch and his team did an awesome job designing our new website. Very professional, great ideas and I highly recommend Bold Eye Media if you need similar services."

- Jeff G.


The first step to growth is to book a FREE Discovery Call to see where your business is, and where it wants to be.

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How to secure your WordPress website

Your slow loading website is costing you money

Your slow loading website is costing you money


The website development process is more than just creating pretty website designs.

We are a web design firm with web designers & developers that are experienced in creating WordPress websites that help you reach your goals.

Discovery Phase

We need to thoroughly understand your business, web presence goals, and customers.

Design Phase

Utilizing multiple design mockups of your home page, service page and contact page helps us visualize the website you want to create.

Development Phase

We build your approved website mockups and bring them to life in the browser!

Content Phase

Now is the time to replace placeholder text and stock photography with your real website content.

Pre-Launch Phase

The time is almost near and we need to make sure your website will be ready for launch.

Launch Phase

It's time to unleash your website into the wild for your current and potential customers.


At Bold Eye Media, we primarily use WordPress to build e-commerce websites. WordPress is an extremely versatile platform, offering a wealth of customization options that allow us to create a unique and engaging online shopping experience. Moreover, we harness the power of WooCommerce, a powerful WordPress plugin designed specifically for e-commerce. This combination of WordPress and WooCommerce ensures that we can cater to a wide variety of business needs, offering solutions ranging from simple online storefronts to complex, multi-tiered e-commerce systems.

Yes, at Bold Eye Media, we offer extensive website support for ecommerce websites. However, it's important to note that our support services are exclusive to WordPress websites. This focus allows us to provide a highly specialized service, where we can leverage our deep understanding of WordPress and its related ecommerce functionalities to deliver top-notch support.

Yes, at Bold Eye Media, we certainly do develop membership-type e-commerce websites. Our expertise lies in creating customized, feature-rich membership platforms where your users can easily sign up, access exclusive content, interact with other members, and make purchases. These sites can serve as a fantastic way to build a dedicated community around your products or services and create a steady revenue stream.

At Bold Eye Media, we choose to build on WooCommerce, which integrates seamlessly with WordPress, for several key reasons. The main factor is our specialization in WordPress-based solutions. We've found that WordPress and WooCommerce together provide a powerful, flexible platform for creating a variety of websites, including ecommerce sites.


The first step to growth is to book a FREE Discovery Call to see where your business is, and where it wants to be.

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