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Grow your small business with a brand new bellingham web design that not only attracts and engages customers, but also helps them find exactly what they are looking for.

Most businesses have a website, but most of them are bad and slow.

Your website is like a 24/7 employee that works and represents your Bellingham, WA business.

Does your small business have a website that suffers from any of the below problems?

  • Your website is not mobile-friendly.
  • It takes forever to load!
  • The website looks like its from the early 2000s or earlier.
  • It doesn't communicate the value that your bring to your customers.

It is time to do something about that website you are embarrassed for your potential clients to visit. Your company image may be at stake, so let us help you build a better one online today!

we help you fix your bad bellingham websites


Stop guessing at a plan of action and let one of our experts analyze your site for you—free of charge.

bellingham web design agency

What are the benefits of hiring a Bellingham WA Web Design Designer?

Last time I checked, you have better things to do than be messing around trying to build a website for your Bellingham business.

Partnering with an experienced web designer helps you get better results. Whether you need a complete overhaul or need your first website built, our team will get the job done quickly and professionally so you can start seeing results from your website.

When you partner with a web design agency in Bellingham WA you get experienced web designers that are focused on creating websites that are sales driven.

We enjoy creating responsive bellingham wa web designs that help our clients reach their goals. 

An effective web designer understands how important it is for your website to function well across all devices with a contemporary look and feel so users can really get what they need from your site's content!


"Ive been working with Mitch for the past few months and he provides incredible value. He is very easy to work with and is committed to make your business increase sales and integrate systems and processes within the website saving time, worry, and stress of a small business owner. I highly recommend him if your looking to improve your website, SEO, lead generation, etc!"

- Jacob B.


"Mitch and his team did an awesome job designing our new website. Very professional, great ideas and I highly recommend Bold Eye Media if you need similar services."

- Jeff G.

bellingham web design agency

Our Web Design Services For Bellingham WA

Bold Eye Media offers Bellingham WA Web Design services to small businesses in the greater Bellingham WA & Whatcom County area. With our understanding of both local and national demographics, we provide truly captivating web design solutions for your business!

We value business relationships with each client because it's about more than just offering professional website design & development services; after all, this is a Bellingham Website Design Agency that values integrity above everything else.

Don't forget your website is not field of dreams! Just because you have a well designed website doesn't mean it will rank high in search engines.

Partner with a local web designer to help you get results for your business today!

  • bellingham web design for new businesses

    New Business Web Design

    You've just started a new business and now it's time to build your online presence.

    We can help you create an engaging, modern looking website that will grow with you as your company grows!

  • bellingham website redesigns

    Website Redesign

    If your website is outdated and needs a redesign, we’re the team for you.

    We have been providing responsive web design services to clients across the US since 2016.

  • bellingham website redesigns

    eCommerce Websites

    We can help you build an eCommerce website to sell your products and services online.

  • bellingham website redesigns

    WordPress Development

    We specialize in WordPress web development services to focus on building custom solutions.

It starts with a free conversation.

The first step to growth is to book a FREE Discovery Call to see where your business is, and where it wants to be.

Our Bellingham Web Design Process

The website development process is more than just creating pretty website designs.

We are a web design firm with web designers & developers that are experienced in creating WordPress websites that help you reach your goals.

  • Discovery Phase

    We need to thoroughly understand your business, web presence goals, and customers.

  • Design Phase

    Utilizing multiple design mockups of your home page, service page and contact page helps us visualize the website you want to create.

  • Development Phase

    We build your approved website mockups and bring them to life in the browser!

  • Content Phase

    Now is the time to replace placeholder text and stock photography with your real website content.

  • Pre-Launch Phase

    The time is almost near and we need to make sure your website will be ready for launch.

  • Launch Phase

    It's time to unleash your website into the wild for your current and potential customers.

What do you need to know about our bellingham website design services?

How much does building a website cost for small business in Bellingham,WA?

It's no secret that doing a Website Design project for your Bellingham,WA business can be an investment. But what does it cost to build an effective, professional-looking site?

$3,000-$10K is the ballpark range for most bellingham small businesses like yours and mine; but if you're looking for something more creative or have some specific needs (a customized design with lots of features), then we could get into upwards of $30k - so make sure your budget will accommodate these costs!

Most web design firms will want to have multiple meetings to truly understand the scope of your project.

The most important thing to remember is that not every website design firm offers the same web services.

It's important to know what you want or at least what your goals are before you contact any web designers.

When do I need to redesign my bellingham website?

Remember the days when websites were static pages that you built once and would never think about updating again?

Those days are well gone, and today there are plenty of reasons that you should be considering a website redesign.

The speed at which technology is advancing is truly amazing, and your business site has to keep up with these advances and changing consumer habits. If you’re a business owner wondering whether it’s time to change up the old website, here are some telltale signs you need a new website in 2020.

Once you are ready to make a change a professional web designer like Bold Eye Media can help build you a new website!

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Why is website design important for Bellingham small businesses?

Bellingham Web Design matters because it caters to broad demographics and can make a strong first impression. 

Web design is just as important in the modern era of internet usage, with many people going online regularly and using their phone or computer at home instead of watching TV.

Bellingham Web designers need to keep this in mind while creating user-friendly sites that cater broadly across different populations within a demographic group, including both genders and all age groups.

A good example might be avoiding bright colors if you're targeting children who are sensitive to light stimulation—a Bellingham Web Designer may want more muted tones like green, browns/blues which have less harshness on the eyes from a child's perspective.

How can bellingham web design services help my business?

Our bellingham web services help you engage and convert website visitors with responsive websites that are both aesthetically pleasing and seamlessly functional.

Before you start working on your online marketing make sure your website is running smoothly!

Do you also do online marketing?

Yes, online marketing is key to getting your website found online.

We can help with SEO, Digital Marketing and much more!

Who We Work With.

We help small businesses and service companies across the US get results through website design, SEO and organic digital marketing.

  • Small Businesses

  • Landscaping

  • Contractors

  • Remodeling

  • Plumbing

  • HVAC

  • Construction

  • Electrical

  • Pressure Washing

Our Organic Digital Marketing Services

If you are serious about getting results online it takes all of the online marketing services below to see real growth!

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