Whatcom Pressure Washers

The Challenge

Whatcom Pressure Washers, a local leader in pressure washing services, was struggling with an outdated website that didn’t reflect their brand’s quality or the range of their services. They needed a complete website redesign to match their branding, enhance mobile functionality, improve lead capture, and amplify their content marketing efforts.

The Approach

The project focused on several key areas, including website redesign, content creation, lead capture optimization, and funnel development, aiming to create an efficient, user-friendly, and engaging online presence.

1. Website Redesign and Mobile Functionality:

The redesign aimed to make the website stand out, match the branding, and improve the user experience. It was also optimized to look amazing on mobile devices, acknowledging the growing use of smartphones for online browsing.

2. Content Writing and Blog Setup:

A blog was set up as part of the redesign, allowing for regular content updates that would engage visitors and boost SEO. The first blog post was crafted to highlight the importance of ongoing maintenance, a key service offered by Whatcom Pressure Washers.

3. Service Pages and Projects Section:

Service pages were designed uniformly but featured different content to highlight the unique aspects of each service. A Projects section was introduced as an extension of the blog to increase exposure and shareability of the company’s completed works.

4. Google Analytics and On-Page SEO:

Google Analytics was integrated into the website to track user interactions and guide future improvements. On-page SEO was carried out on all pages to boost visibility in search engine results.

5. ActiveCampaign Integration and Lead Capture Forms:

The website was linked with ActiveCampaign, and individual lead capture forms were set up for each service to qualify leads and guide them through the sales process.

6. Sales Funnels and Landing Pages:

Three sales funnels were developed: a Sales Funnel to qualify and convert leads into customers, a Follow-Up Funnel to automate the follow-up process, and an Upsell Funnel to automate the upselling of additional services to past clients. Two landing pages were also created for ad campaigns.

The Results

The website redesign transformed Whatcom Pressure Washers’ online presence. The new site effectively communicated the brand’s story and the breadth of its services, leading to improved customer engagement and lead generation.

The integration of ActiveCampaign and the implementation of the lead capture forms streamlined the sales process and improve lead qualification. The sales funnels further boosted the company’s marketing efforts, automating processes that were once manual and time-consuming.

The blog and Projects section offered an avenue for regular content updates, which not only engaged visitors but also boosted the website’s SEO performance. The Google Analytics integration provided valuable insights into user behavior, guiding future website improvements.


The comprehensive redesign of Whatcom Pressure Washers’ website was a resounding success, demonstrating the power of strategic web design and content marketing. The project showed that a well-planned and executed website redesign could significantly enhance a company’s online presence and marketing efforts.


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