Ninkasi Brewing

The Challenge

Ninkasi Brewing, a well-established brand, found itself facing a growing challenge. As their beer lineup expanded, their website became more cluttered, making it difficult for customers to navigate. In addition, they faced technical SEO issues, slow page loading times, and a lack of integration with their marketing tools. They were in dire need of a website redesign that could streamline their online presence and amplify their unique brand story.

The Approach

The redesign project focused on several key areas, including technical SEO, WooCommerce integration, abandonment cart system, and more, all aimed at creating a more efficient and engaging user experience.

1. Technical SEO and Cleanup:

An initial SEO audit was performed to identify opportunities for improvement. All meta titles and descriptions were updated to maximize SEO potential. Unnecessary pages were cleaned up and redirects were set up to maintain link equity. A premium SEO plugin was also installed to allow for deeper SEO settings, ensuring that the website would remain SEO-friendly post-redesign.

3. Engaging Content:

The redesign aimed to create a more immersive and engaging experience for visitors. Individual beer pages were created, each containing specifications and related information about the beer. This not only allowed visitors to easily find the information they wanted but also linked them to recipes, merchandise, and stories associated with each beer.

4. Improved Site Navigation and Performance:

High-speed page loading was prioritized to minimize bounce rates and maximize user engagement. The redesign made it easy for visitors to navigate, find information on the beer lineup, and locate where to buy Ninkasi Brewing beer.

5. Enhanced Integration:

The new website was integrated with ActiveCampaign, connecting it with contact forms and the WooCommerce store. Anti-spam features were added to contact forms to maintain a high level of security.

The Results

The website redesign resulted in a more engaging, user-friendly, and efficient platform for Ninkasi Brewing. The brand story was brought to life through engaging imagery and video content. The website’s technical SEO enhancements led to better visibility in search engine results, and the WooCommerce integration streamlined the online shopping experience.

The abandoned cart system helped recover lost sales, while the user-friendly navigation made it easy for visitors to find what they were looking for, leading to a lower bounce rate and higher time spent on the site.

In addition, the website became a tool to communicate the values and culture of Ninkasi Brewing, allowing them to connect more deeply with their audience.


The Ninkasi Brewing website redesign was a resounding success. It was not just a visual makeover but a strategic move that positively impacted the brand’s online presence and sales. It proves that a thoughtful and thorough approach to website redesign can deliver significant benefits to any business.


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