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Your Renton business needs a competitive edge in the highly unforgiving marketplace. In today’s market, your website is like an energetic salesperson who works 24/7 to make sure that you don’t fall behind. A digital marketing plan can help establish what makes your company unique and give you a leg up on competitors while driving more traffic to your site for even better results!

It is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to keep up with the rapidly changing and evolving world wide web. Customers are looking more often than ever before on their mobile devices, which poses a problem because most websites today do not work properly or load quickly enough for these smaller screens. Websites that don’t meet this requirement will likely lose customers who have had bad experiences trying to use them in such an environment; thus it’s important that they be compatible across all platforms!

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What Our Clients Say

Jeff G.

"Mitch and his team did an awesome job designing our new website. Very professional, great ideas and I highly recommend Bold Eye Media if you need similar services."

Jon F

"Mitch worked through the many challenges during the national lock down on my business' website. We had numerous rounds of revision and he communicated well through the entire project. Working with Bold Eye was organized, a great value and I recommend them for anyone looking for web expertise. Thanks Mitch!"

Jacob B.

"Ive been working with Mitch for the past few months and he provides incredible value. He is very easy to work with and is commited to make your business increase sales and integrate systems and processes within the website saving time, worry, and stress of a small business owner. I highly recommend him if your looking to improve your website, SEO, lead generation, etc!"

How It Works

Websites are more important than ever for businesses to be visible in the digital world. With a majority of web searches now taking place on mobile devices, it’s critical that your Renton website loads quickly and properly across all sorts of screens. If you’ve ever opened up an unresponsive or difficult-to-use site on a phone only to close out because nothing functioned well, then you’re not alone–most other users do this as well! In order to avoid losing potential customers due to poor service delivery through their websites, make sure yours is responsive and user friendly at all times so no one has reason enough excuse themselves from returning.

Bold Eye Media strives to provide each client with the best in Renton WordPress Website Design and Custom Web Development. They are committed not only to designing websites that stand out, but also helping you connect your website design back into your digital marketing plan so you can focus on what matters most: running a successful company!

If there’s one thing Bold Eye Media knows how to do well it’s creating custom websites for our clients who need something unique yet functional. It doesn’t matter if they’re looking for an ecommerce site or just want their own blog, we’ve got them covered.

We also help other Washington State marketing with Organic Digital Marketing Services such as Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma and Vancouver.


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The first step to growth is to book a FREE Discovery Call to see where your business is, and where it wants to be.

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It's no secret that doing a Website Design project for your Renton WA business can be an investment. But what does it cost to build an effective, professional-looking site?

$5,000-$12,000 is the ballpark range for most Renton WA small businesses like yours and mine; but if you're looking for something more creative or have some specific needs (a customized design with lots of features), then we could get into upwards of $30k - so make sure your budget will accommodate these costs!

Most web design firms will want to have multiple meetings to truly understand the scope of your project.

The most important thing to remember is that not every website design firm offers the same web services.

It's important to know what you want or at least what your goals are before you contact any web designers.

Remember the days when websites were static pages that you built once and would never think about updating again?

Those days are well gone, and today there are plenty of reasons that you should be considering a website redesign.

The speed at which technology is advancing is truly amazing, and your business site has to keep up with these advances and changing consumer habits. If you’re a business owner wondering whether it’s time to change up the old website, here are some telltale signs you need a new website in 2024.

Once you are ready to make a change a professional web designer like Bold Eye Media can help build you a new website!

Renton WA Web Design matters because it caters to broad demographics and can make a strong first impression. 

Web design is just as important in the modern era of internet usage, with many people going online regularly and using their phones or computer at home instead of watching TV.

Renton WA Web designers need to keep this in mind while creating user-friendly sites that cater broadly to different populations within a demographic group, including both genders and all age groups.

A good example might be avoiding bright colors if you're targeting children who are sensitive to light stimulation—a Renton WA Web Designer may want more muted tones like green, browns/blues which have less harshness on the eyes from a child's perspective.

Our Renton WA web services help you engage and convert website visitors with responsive websites that are both aesthetically pleasing and seamlessly functional.

Before you start working on your online marketing make sure your website is running smoothly!

Yes, online marketing is key to getting your website found online.

We can help with SEODigital Marketing and much more!


The first step to growth is to book a FREE Discovery Call to see where your business is, and where it wants to be.

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  • Advice for reaching your marketing goals

  • If we think we would be a good fit to help your business then we will go over your solution on the Roadmapping Call.

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