Why WordPress is Good for Small Businesses

Created by Bold Eye Media on July 14, 2020
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It’s easy to upload and manage content.

Gone are the days when your webmaster has to dig through lines of code to update your homepage. WordPress makes it easy for even the most technologically-challenged people to upload a post or swap out an image. That’s because WordPress is a Content Management System, which uses a combination of databases and code to store, organize, and deliver your content. But when WordPress is used properly, you never need to look “under the hood” for content changes. You log into a user-friendly portal and enter your text, images, and links into each page. It’s that simple.

It provides a powerful digital platform.

Whatever you need to accomplish with your site, WordPress likely has a way to do it. From massive catalogs to high-def photo galleries to e-commerce stores, there’s a way to make WordPress work for your business’s needs. The software is open-source and highly extendable, with countless plugins that give you the functionality you want. And in the hands of a talented developer, your WordPress site can be fully customized to be as unique as your business.

It’s highly secure.

Far too many business sites have been sabotaged by cybercriminals who hack their way and steal valuable information. WordPress is notoriously resistant to security breaches (assuming you keep your version of the software up-to-date). That’s why many e-commerce site owners trust WordPress to securely handle customer information.

It’s SEO-friendly.

Word has it that search engines prefer WordPress sites. While Google and other major search engines are somewhat secretive about their algorithms, there are a couple of reasons that WordPress sites might perform better in search results. For one, the code that delivers your content is easily parsed by web crawlers, so Google can better assess your content’s relevancy. For another, WordPress sites tend to be mobile-friendly, which experts believe boosts their ranking. On that note…

It’s mobile-friendly.

With rare exceptions, the “themes” you can choose for your WordPress site (or that developers build for you) are made with responsive design in mind. That means they look good on your target customers’ mobile devices — and according to research, more than half of your audience is accessing your site on their phone or tablet. Make no mistake: your site must be responsive if you wish to reach more customers. WordPress makes it easy for you to achieve this.

You have a massive support community.

The nice thing about using a CMS that everyone is using is that… everyone is using it. You (or your webmaster) can always find answers to your questions, and there are countless articles, blogs, videos, and other resources to teach you how to do just about anything with WordPress. If you’d like a system that’s reliable and fully customizable, look no further than WordPress. It’s been around since 2003, so there is a wealth of knowledge available to you.

Wrapping Up

WordPress has a well-earned reputation for being one of the most user-friendly CMSs on the market. With its large knowledge base and extensive customizability, it provides flexibility and support that few other software options can offer. As a small business, you probably don’t have a lot of wiggle room for software or publishing platforms with steep learning curves. Play it safe with WordPress: it can be fully customized to your needs, it will improve your site’s SEO and ease-of-use, and it’s reliable enough to give you peace of mind. Your website shouldn’t be a source of anxiety. Get a brilliant business website with WordPress.

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