Signs That It Is Time To Re-Design Your Website

Signs That It Is Time To Re-Design Your Website

Remember the days when websites were static pages that you built once and would never think about updating again? Those days are well gone, and today there are plenty of reasons that you should be considering a website redesign. The speed at which technology is advancing is truly amazing, and your business site has to keep up with these advances and changing consumer habits. If you’re a business owner wondering whether it’s time to change up the old website, here are some telltale signs you need a new website in 2020.

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    1. Your Website Has A High Bounce Rate

    Your bounce rate is the number that measures how many visitors leave your site after viewing one page. In other words, this is the percentage of people who take a single look at your site and leave your site. Whether this is a result of misdirected traffic or your website’s design and loading time, a high bounce rate (or one that consistently falls between 70 and 90 percent) is a serious issue that needs to be addressed.

    It could be the case that your viewers aren’t finding pertinent information, or that your site is difficult to navigate. Whatever the problem, a new website can help address the underlying issues which are causing your high bounce rate, and capture more traffic and qualified leads.

    ” A high bounce rate sounds the alarm that people aren’t finding what they’re looking for on your site. A healthy approach is to view this as an opportunity for improvement. ”

    – crazyegg.com

    2. Your Loading Speed Is Greater Than 3 Seconds

    If your website is loading at a low speed, it can affect both your search engine rankings and bounce rate, making visibility an up-hill battle. The fact is, your audience has become accustomed to certain loading speed, specifically 3 seconds. It seems that, in today’s busy world, that is the limit of our collective patience, and it’s also the threshold against which you should measure your website.

    The Google search engine will actually prioritize websites with the quicker loading speed, so your organic traffic and reach quite literally depend on it. As you can see, without a fast loading speed you’re forfeiting all of those potential clients, which is why it’s time for a new site.

    3. Your Website Doesn’t Project Your Brand Identity

    Your brand is not a static entity but goes through natural evolution over time. The same applies to your website. Chances are, your brand has undergone a number of changes since its inception, but have those changes been reflected in your website? If the answer is “no,” it’s probably time for a new one.

    Your business needs to project a uniform, consistent message, and image to your audience in order to gain their trust and clientele. If your website, which is the hub of your operations, doesn’t reflect the rest of your brand identity, your visitors will move on quickly. This is especially the case if your company promises progress and innovation.


    4. Your Content Is Impossible To Update

    There was a time when you had to rely on a web developer for each minute change on your site, but that is no longer the case. Modern-day websites and content management systems give you the power to easily update content and even certain features of your site in a matter of a few clicks. Does your business have new hours of operation, location or products? Now you can update this information on your site within seconds.

    This is becoming increasingly important in a time when business operations and social norms are in constant flux, and businesses need to communicate up-to-date information to customers. If you’re still working with a site that’s nearly impossible to edit or update, your business would definitely benefit from a new website in 2020.

    5. Your Site Isn’t Converting Visitors To Customers

     On a very basic level, all of your business operations should lead to increased sales, so if your current website isn’t working hard to convert your leads into paying clients, it may be time for an upgrade. Any number of the reasons we’ve listed could be hindering your conversion rates, so it’s important to invest in quality web design and content to maximize your future chances.

    6. Your Site Isn’t Mobile Compatible

    The number of people using mobile phones to access online information is growing exponentially. In fact, more than half of all web visits around the world were made on mobile phones. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile devices, that means you’re probably sacrificing a large chunk of your current audience.

    Furthermore, sites without mobile functionality are penalized in their SEO rankings and lose out on organic traffic. So if you’re still only targeting desktop users, it’s definitely time to upgrade to a new responsive website.


    7. Your Website Traffic & Search Engine Rankings Are Low

    If your site isn’t scoring high enough on the search engine to land on the first page of search results, your content might as well be invisible. No amount of beautiful design or clever wording will help your business grow if it’s not getting in front of the right audience.

    Your website’s main job is to grow your brand’s visibility and online presence – which it’s obviously not doing well if you’re still hidden on the second or third page of the Google Search Results. The good news is, the same reasons you’re considering a new website are probably the reasons for your low rankings, so a quality new site will give you the fresh start you need.

    8. You’ve Outgrown Your Old Site

    There may a come a time that your business simply outgrows your current site. Whether it’s an increase in your scope of services or a change in direction, your site needs to be able to keep up as you scale your business. What better way to support your growth than with a new website that works hard for your business?

    9. Your Website Has A Horrible User Experience

    Your website is often the first thing your potential leads will see of your business, and it’s critical that your site makes a great first impression. But that won’t happen if your site still has an outdated feel and design from a decade ago. Which is a strong sign that it is time to redesign your small business website.

    Your audience is very perceptive and makes a snap judgment of your organization based on a glance at your site. Keep informed on the latest design trends and make sure you’re using aesthetics that resonate with your target audience. If you want to make the right impression each time and attract your audience rather than deter it, you’ll need to invest in a new website.

    10. Your Website Is Not Mobile Friendly

    Gone are the days of not having a website that is meant for only fixed screen sizes. Responsive design helps your website looks amazing across multiple devices from desktop down to mobile devices.

    So Is It Time to Redesign Your Website?

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