30 Reasons Why SEO Is Important For Businesses

30 Reasons Why SEO Is Important For Businesses

If you own a small business, you’re likely always looking for new customers and ways to drive potential customers to your website, but you’ve also probably learned that making a splash online is a pretty big task to take on with some hurdles along the way. Maybe you’ve heard of SEO but you’re entirely sure what it is and how it can help boost business. Let’s go over that right now.

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    If you’ve been wondering why is SEO important for business, you’ve come to the right place. Most businesses assume SEO isn’t a necessary expense – especially startups. However, this is far from reality. In this digital era, SEO is constantly growing in its importance. Seo is expanding into new areas. When you’re planning your marketing budgets, keep in mind the SEO cost. Earlier, SEO played a vital role for midsize and large-scale businesses. Now, this digital marketing tactic is just as pivotal for small businesses as any other marketing tactic. SEO experts use this strategy to make content more visible to search engines and get higher search engine rankings through organic traffic. Today we will be sharing 30 reasons why SEO is important for your business. 

    What is search engine optimization? 

    Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to a strategy essential for those businesses with an online presence. Prospective customers are highly likely to visit a website appearing higher in search engine results pages. Those websites that don’t get listed on the first page get significantly less traffic. For small businesses, being on the first page of (SERPs) search engine results isn’t unattainable. With the correct SEO strategy, a small business owner can beat its competitors and get better search engine rankings. Through a good SEO strategy, you can generate qualified traffic to e-commerce sites.

    Why is SEO important to rank higher on a search engine results page?

    If you want to rank higher on the Google search results page, search engine optimization is the way to go. When you already have so much to handle, and you want to ensure that each investment of yours has a strong ROI, be fully aware of what you will have to deal with in the long run. 

    Well, there are tremendous benefits of using SEO tactics to rank higher in organic search results. Usually, small businesses with their own website want more traffic on them. Search engine optimization helps specifically to achieve organic website traffic and rank higher on major search engines. According to statistics, you will get 53% of the website traffic from organic search results. Check below!


    The ideal way to ensure you aren’t missing out on any search engine users and potential customers is to keep your SEO efforts ongoing. Search engine optimization will improve your online presence, help your business grow, and increase organic traffic. 


    1. Increases traffic

    You will receive more traffic when your website ranks higher in search engines for relevant keywords. For a keyword, the first search result on Google has a CTR of more than 30%. As you move down to the 10th result, the click-through rate falls to 2.97%. 

    With quality SEO techniques, your business website will rank higher for several long-tail and short-tail target keywords. Local SEO is also primarily based on long-tail keywords. Performing keyword research is crucial. That is because relevant keywords on your web pages will show up at the top of search engine pages. Therefore, there will be a higher chance that those keywords match the user intent, and he/she will click through to your business website. 

    2. Establishes trust and credibility

    For online success, your brand needs to seem credible and trustworthy. Seo is important because it helps your business online grow. People will trust your brand if your brand has a strong web presence and your website appears higher on Google and other search engines. It’s true that when users do research online, they are less likely to click on search results on the second page. That’s because the search results on page one seem more legitimate.

    In modern SEO, the goal of SEO campaigns and paid advertising is to build brand awareness. Seo marketing helps to establish a strong foundation for a website with an efficient and positive user experience. That way, users tend to trust your website more. 

    When it comes to this digital marketing tactic, many elements play a role in establishing authority. Besides the factors mentioned above, the following ones also help to gain people’s trust:

    • Quality backlink profiles
    • Optimized on-page SEO content and elements. 
    • Positive user behavior

    For local businesses, it’s essential to establish authority. However, it will take time to build credibility and trust as it won’t happen overnight. Building brand awareness takes commitment, effort, patience, and SEO work. You must also offer high-quality and valuable services or products to allow customers to trust your brand. 

    3. Improves visibility

    Another reason that makes SEO important for businesses is that it improves your visibility in search engines. Through this digital marketing technique, many potential customers will see your brand. That’s because your business website will rank for more keywords, and if they rank higher, there’s a greater chance that users will visit your page. Through some basic SEO tactics, you can increase your website’s visibility:

    • Building some quality backlinks 
    • Improving your technical SEO 
    • Identifying which long-tail keywords you should target. 
    • Optimizing meta descriptions
    • Developing fresh content

    SEO is a direct way of improving impressions and visibility in search engine result pages. 

    Without SEO, your brand won’t be visible to people.


    4. Provides user intent  and gives you an insight into your potential clients

    The goal of SEO analytics is to collect data in order to improve your organic traffic. These metrics might provide you with additional information about your website’s visitors. You can gain location, interest, device, and demographic data from analytics. Also, you can also use Google Search Console to learn a lot about where a user is in their decision-making. That will help you see what terms are driving traffic.

    Emphasize the importance of determining and meeting the user’s intent. When someone looks for anything, they have a specific goal in mind. That requested content is their “user intent,” whether it’s an answer, concert tickets, or a pet snap.

    As an SEO specialist, your duty is to promptly give users the content they want in the format they want.

    By Googling your chosen keyword(s) and reviewing the existing SERP, you can obtain a sense of user intent. If there’s a photo carousel, it’s probable that individuals searching for that phrase are looking for photos. Examine what material your top-performing competitors are offering that you aren’t. 

    Before you can achieve high-quality and relevant content for your website, you must first grasp your website’s objectives in order to implement a comprehensive SEO strategy.

    5. Provides High-quality traffic

    Customers are looking for your services or products on the internet. With SEO, every page on your site can serve as an entry point for those potential customers. When a website’s traffic generates more sales and leads, it’s deemed high quality. For more high-quality website traffic, you need to attract the correct people — internet users looking for exactly what you have to offer.

    The goal of search engine optimization is to get you in front of those folks. The more focused your SEO is, the more likely you are to attract the right kind of visitor to your website. When it comes to digital marketing, the perfect SEO strategy is the one that helps you reach potential customers. Be their first choice when they are about to buy something. 

    6. Acts as a future investment:

    When you conduct your research on SEO, you will learn that it’s a long-term process that doesn’t produce immediate results.

    That is correct.

    When you invest in SEO, you are aware that you will most likely not see results for up to six months or more. However, if your efforts begin to bear fruit, you’ll be able to rely on free traffic for the foreseeable future.

    When compared to a paid advertisement, this is a much better deal. It may bring you more consumers, but the benefit will fade after you cease paying for the adverts.

    Unless you are your sector’s FedEx, your potential customers aren’t likely to type your brand name for a search query. However, when your customers start noticing your brand is always on top of search engine results, that will help in building brand awareness. SEO improves branding through an improved user experience. 

    Potential customers will have a better user experience when they visit your website and see fast page speed and relevant content. They’ll be much more satisfied to see you optimize your website for mobile. When you’re thinking about a digital marketing strategy and planning your marketing budget, invest in SEO. That will help develop a positive impression of your local business.  

    8. You get a higher return on investments compared to other marketing channels

    When you compare SEO to other marketing tactics, the difference is clear. Leads generated through SEO have a close rate of 14.6%. On the other hand, outbound leads (like print advertising or direct mail) have a close rate of 1.7%. Hence, that’s the reason 49% of marketers believe that the most profitable marketing tactic is organic search. 

    Percentage of lead generation through various marketing channels

    9. Enables cost-effective marketing

    In digital marketing, Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most cost-effective techniques. That’s because you’re talking to someone after they’ve already gone to Google and typed in something related to a product or service you’re selling.

    When you get traffic from these kinds of search phrases, you can be sure that the users are already interested in what you have to offer. It’s your job to persuade them that you’re the perfect partner for them.

    Once you begin to rank high for phrases, you will profit from the consistent traffic that the search term generates month after month, ensuring that your flow of potential clients continues. Only a few marketing outlets can make that claim. 


    10. Provides you with a competitive edge/advantage 

    Over 50% of companies put SEO into their digital marketing budget. To put it another way, most of your competitors are already optimizing their websites for search engines.

    You will have to invest in SEO services to expand your business online and be visible to searchers. That’s the only way to compete in the long run. 

    11. Improves usability and user experience

    When you want customers to have a glorious experience while visiting your website, it directly impacts their perception of your company.

    Websites that are clean, well-structured, and uncluttered encourage casual visitors to stay longer. That increases the views on your page and lowers bounce rates. Similarly, highly relevant content (blogs and sales pages) keeps your readers happy because it helps them locate what they’re looking for on your site by answering their inquiries, resolving their pressing difficulties, and answering their queries.

    When done correctly, on-page SEO makes your users happy. That makes search engines happy as well because they love serving high-quality material to their visitors.

    User experience and overall usability are critical components of any effective SEO campaign. Google has made it clear that when you give a better overall experience, you will get rewarded with higher search engine ranks.

    12. Creates a 24/7 lead generation machine

    The best part about SEO is that you are always visible to potential clients when you are ranking. That means you can get traffic all day and all night that can turn into sales and leads. 

    There would be lulls if you didn’t do SEO and instead had salesmen emailing or contacting potential consumers. That is due to the fact that your salespeople must sleep, take vacations and breaks. A well-managed SEO campaign can turn into a sales and lead generator.


    13. SEO works well with other marketing platforms making it a perfect addition to your digital marketing strategy

    At any given time, any successful business has a variety of marketing channels engaged. SEO works well in conjunction with other digital marketing platforms.

    For example, if paid search is one of your digital marketing channels, you should couple it with SEO so that when a potential client searches for your services or products, they will see two listings.

    You’ll be able to occupy a large portion of the SERPs this way. 

    14. SEO increases offline sales

    People nowadays even shop in brick-and-mortar stores using the internet.

    They use Google to look for local businesses, compare reviews, and look up inventories. And they’re still looking while they’re out shopping. In recent years, Google has witnessed a 15% increase in search queries conducted in a store.

    If a user does not discover you while searching, they won’t consider you while making a particular transaction.

     15. The KPIs are measurable

    It’s easy to measure SEO. You can see the traffic volume and how it corresponds to organic search goals with Google Analytics. You can also use Google Search Console to see which keywords are sending traffic to your site. That is vital information, and it will help your digital marketing team achieve even greater success.


    16. SEO helps to lower your customer acquisition cost

    SEO traffic is completely free. Receiving targeted visitors to your website on a regular basis will undoubtedly enhance your sales and leads. 

    Doing so for absolutely no cost will drastically cut your acquisition costs, boosting your company’s profitability. 

    17. SEO provides you with higher chances to connect with your target audiences

    People nowadays conduct their research via search engines. Every second, Google handles over 70,000 search inquiries. Those searches can help you find customers! They are researching and purchasing what you have to offer on Google. There are high chances people will connect to your brand via your website. 

    18. It allows you to reach your users at every stage of the purchasing funnel

    When people are looking to make a purchasing decision, creating and optimizing content for several phases in the buying funnel enhances the chances of getting picked.

    When a potential customer is in the stage of being aware of your brand, you can use SEO to show up for Frequently asked questions. For the decision step, you may also create case studies or other types of helpful SEO content. Finally, quote pages, coupons, and other sales-oriented materials can aid in the purchasing process. 


    19. SEO helps you establish thought leadership in the industry

    Not only does ranking higher in the SERPs make users feel like you’re one of the suitable options right away, but publishing instructional material on a regular basis will also establish your business as a thought leader.

    20. More clicks from SERPs to your website

    Organic listings receive 85% of all clicks. Paid advertising accounts for only 15% of a keyword’s overall click share. You need to be where the action is!

    Despite the fact that PPC advertising appears above organic results on the first page, 71.33% of searches turn out in a click on an organic result.

    It’s hard to understand why, but the most reasonable explanation is that users trust Google’s algorithm. They are aware of the spots advertisers pay for, and they prefer to view the websites that the search engine has chosen to be the most relevant.

    Of course, this is just speculation. Regardless of the reasons, the fact remains that organic results receive the vast majority of clicks for any given search.

    21. SEO helps to build a position online reputation of your business

    Your internet reputation has a direct bearing on the success of your company.

    We’ve already established the fact that your clients use the internet to find information. A company that is actively working on SEO can manage its positive online reputation to some extent.


    22. Increases Local visibility for local businesses

    In the previous year, 93 percent of consumers utilized the internet to locate a local business. Every day, 34% of people did so.

    Local SEO is a set of tactics for enhancing a physical business’s visibility in its immediate vicinity. For example, you may boost your Google My Business listing or target phrases like “party shop in New York.” When you concentrate on local SEO, you may optimize your company’s website for a geographic place, making it easier for people in the area to find you and, as a result, increasing the odds of a sale. You’ll be able to build citations as well in local SEO.

    Consistency of your business name, location, and contact number (NAP data) across local directories and data aggregators is one of the most crucial ranking elements in your local area.

    The more confusing name, location, and phone information about your company existing on the internet, the more difficult it is for Google to determine which data to believe.

    This problem can get remedied by using local SEO. Your potential consumers can discover the information they need to contact you no matter where they are.

    23. The way global search continuously grows, your business will also grow

    The quantity of Google searches has risen steadily. It’s no surprise that the global SEO services market will be worth approximately $86 billion by 2023. The growth in global searches will automatically benefit your business and help it be successful online. 

    24. Helps you develop an ongoing relationship with clients

    As previously said, if your company provides products or services that people search for online, they will require assistance in obtaining answers to inquiries regarding those products and services.

    Creating material to answer your target audience’s inquiries might help you maintain that continuous engagement with them.

    Regularly publishing content establishes you as a trustworthy source of information for your clients while increasing organic traffic.


    25. Helps to provide useful information to customers

    The search terms that bring customers to your website provide information that attracts them to the items and services you offer.

    If you’re a SaaS company, you might see that visitors get access to your site through the keyword “free widgets.” If you’re solely a premium widget service, it’s possible that you’ll get influenced to create a free-tiered plan in order to increase market share.

    26. Gives an equal playing field to small businesses

    Businesses find it tough to compete with Amazon and other megacorporations, but SEO can help level the playing field.

    A big company has more bureaucracy, but a smaller company can be more flexible. A smaller business may focus on longer tail keywords, user experience, and strategy since it is more adaptable, but a big corporation is more boxed in often.

    27. SEO helps to grab potential customer’s attention 

    Paid ads account for only 15% of total traffic for an optimized term. People are familiar with Google, and they now know the difference between an ad and a non-ad.

    SEO guarantees that your brand appears where there is a high volume of clicks.


    28. SEO helps build a sustainable business

    If done correctly, SEO may help a company stay in business for a long time.

    When a website ranks for words that attract qualified traffic to it, it generates leads and sales. Maintaining that position while expanding your website’s opportunities assures a steady flow of traffic and allows your company to grow. 

    29. Sends targeted traffic to your website

    The advantage of SEO over more traditional types of digital marketing is that it allows you to produce highly targeted traffic. 

    It’s a blessing to appear high on the results page for a specific service you provide. A user has gone online, entered in a search term linked to your business, and then click on your listing.

    Because they are actively looking for a solution, you have a far more targeted audience than if you were to run TV advertisements or a direct mail campaign at this time. That’s a powerful statement!

    30. Global, national or regional — it does not matter because SEO helps you reach your audience anywhere in the world

    Imagine having to buy radio or television commercials in every market where you sell your products or services. The price would be exorbitant!

    With SEO, you may efficiently reach whatever audience you choose. No other advertising medium can match SEOs combination of low-cost, high-impact choices.

    For small businesses to thrive in today’s business world, they need SEO for survival. Whether you’re a small business with a specialized audience or you’re a local business having a brick-and-mortar presence, you will fail without using SEO. Without SEO, you won’t have any visibility in search engines. That means, when a consumer will search for the service or product you’re offering, they won’t find your business. For many small businesses, SEO helps to accomplish a lot more than only vanity metrics. When done professionally, it helps small businesses achieve goals.  

    Bold Eye Media is an SEO company that has created history by helping numerous businesses generate more online sales and leads through SEO. Get a top-notch customized digital marketing plan by getting in touch with our SEO firm. Drive traffic towards your website! Let us get the job done for you! 




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