How Do I Optimize My Google My Business Listing?

Created by Bold Eye Media on June 5, 2020
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1. Detailed and Consistent Information

The most important thing you need to do to optimize your listing is to first set up the essential information related to your business. When you fill out your business details, double-check to confirm all the material is correct. Use proper grammar and check your spelling. You will be representing your business in a professional manner, but you also want to make sure your potential customers can find you. With an incorrectly spelled name or wrong phone number digit, you could be risking the chance to gain additional customers.

Be sure to provide not only the most accurate information but the most pertinent to your business. Your potential customers want to know exactly what it is you can do for them. Where is your business located and how can customers request your services or purchase your products? You may expand your customer reach by simply providing basic information so they can conveniently contact you. Remember to update your business hours so customers are aware of any changes and let them know what your holiday hours are as well.

Consider using a phone number with a local area code instead of a national or call center number. Google will then detect that you are local. Use a consistent phone number and address throughout all your online presence to avoid the possibility of confusion for potential customers who are not yet familiar with where exactly you are located or the right phone number to use.

Your business is going to show up more in searches that pertain to your business, and you will have more online traffic if you use keywords for search engine optimization.

2. Connect Through Relevant Google Posts Content

Your business will most likely be assessed online through what you post in your Google Posts section. You will waste the opportunity to land a customer if you have irrelevant posts that offer no selling point for your business. Use this chance to make a connection with your potential customers. Create posts that directly appeal to your online audience.

Provide information about events or products. Your business-related announcements, blog articles, and messages will increase user engagement. The first 60-70 characters of your post will show up on mobile and desktop if you use a CTA button. Make them count by producing quality posts that will intrigue and inform your audience.

3. Choose Your Category Carefully

When Google decides which searches relate to your business, it relies on things like what category you have chosen for your listing. Be as specific as you can when choosing the category that best describes your business. Browse the extensive list available to determine what will effectively represent your business.

4. Pictures are Vital

Do not ignore the value of great photographs when optimizing your Google My Business listing. Photography plays a big role in influencing your online audience. You are more likely to have people click-through to your website, and it is also more likely they will request driving directions if you have photos. Be sure to use high-resolution photos that show your business logo. You can also use photos showing what your business does. Demonstrate a service or present your product, whatever it may be that may effectively make a positive impact on potential customers.

5. Answer Questions and Respond to Reviews

You will need to monitor your Google Q&A section, so you can quickly acknowledge questions and reviews. Take the time to reply to your customers’ questions and encourage them to give you a Google review. The more you interact with your customers, the more positive reviews you will receive. Those positive reviews are going to fuel your position with potential customers.

Do not pass on the opportunity to interact with your customers, even if you received a negative review. A negative review is still a review, and you have the opportunity to respond professionally. It is time to address your customers’ concerns, and you can quell their frustration by communicating with them and showing you care about their experience.

6. Interact Directly Through Google My Business Messaging

Google has a messaging feature that allows customers to contact businesses through text messages via your Google My Business listing. By immediately communicating one-on-one with your customers, you can answer their questions and give top-notch customer service. They will remember how you were able to quickly assist them, and those types of interactions could help you gain customers and also retain loyal customers.

Google My Business is a useful supplement to your existing website and will help direct people to your business through an expanded online presence. Optimization will only improve your customer reach that much more, so make the effort to provide the best information, assistance, and business details to turn potential customers into actual customers.

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