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b&p vending

B&P Vending’s history in the Northwest Washington area goes back to 1918, and they have been providing trusted services in Vending and Micro markets ever since then. In fact, when we started working with them, their stellar services were driving business higher than ever!

But their outdated website was not doing this long-standing business any favors; in fact, it was stuck in the past. The site was underperforming, to say the very least – it was downright archaic, not to mention hard-to-edit. Most importantly, it wasn’t in line with the company’s future success goals and couldn’t keep up with the growing business.

We started, as always, by learning the ins and outs of our client’s operations, and were able to build a responsive website around their target customer. Bold Eye Media designed and brand built a new, responsive website that could properly showcase what B&P Vending offers its clients.

Not only is their new website lighting-fast and intuitive, it also offers plenty of valuable content that educates their customers on B&P’s services. They are now able to organically capture more leads and convert them for even more growth!

We are truly proud of the results that our Bold Eye Media team was able to achieve, and B&P Vending can now be proud to send their customers to a functional and beautiful new website. Their new site is engaging, easy to navigate, and makes it simple for B&P to convert valuable leads.

No more outdated technology and design that didn’t do this proud brand justice. Thanks to our team, B&P Vending is now equipped with a website that can keep up with their current success and scale it into the future!


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