Why use marketing automation?

Why use marketing automation

As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to bring success to your business. One of the most effective tools you can use is marketing automation. With so many digital resources out there, it can be hard to accurately reach your target market, especially as your business scales up.

In fact, most consumers end up researching the things they’re looking for, choosing brands and products based on their own conclusions. When prospects aren’t interested in having businesses thrust on them, marketing becomes an obstacle. Not only that, but when you begin to have a large list of leads, it becomes nearly impossible to manually connect with and guide each one.

However, by using marketing automation, businesses are able to reach their target market and increase their sales.

As your business scales up, it becomes increasingly difficult to reach all of your prospects, as well as to guide them through your sales process leading to conversion. When you use marketing automation, you can launch over those hurdles instead of being held back by them.

Marketing automation is the process of automating marketing efforts so that they are done seamlessly and repeatedly, instead of having to manually complete all marketing tasks. You can help ensure that your marketing has a high ROI by effectively reaching, nurturing, and converting leads.

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    Benefits of marketing automation

    It has been shown repeatedly that utilizing marketing automation increases growth and provides a high marketing ROI. Businesses who choose a strategy that relies on automated marketing receive numerous benefits that lead to success.

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    Quality lead generation 

    Lead generation is essential for every business. Without leads, businesses wouldn’t have anyone to become a customer. Without customers, the business isn’t a business at all.

    Generating leads can be difficult, especially when using typical, manual marketing techniques. However, with marketing automation, you will have greater, high-quality lead generation that brings in numerous potential customers to focus on. By bringing in more leads, you are bringing in more people who are likely to convert.

    The various criteria that is used when targeting leads in marketing automation narrows down a wider array of prospects to ensure that those passing through the customer journey are more qualified. Marketing automation takes on the work of continually connecting with and reaching out to these leads in order to further qualify them.

    ” Regardless of how you go about inbound lead generation, marketers know that the quality of leads matters as much as (or more than) the quantity. ”

    – leadfeeder.com

    Greater efficiency in marketing 

    Traditional marketing and common digital marketing is time consuming and requires a lot of effort. Employees end up spending a great deal of their work time on marketing or businesses end up spending loads of money to outsource.

    Both of these options cost business owners a lot in terms of time, money, and effort. The uncertain results of the task makes this form of marketing risky. Not only that, but employees spend so much time working on marketing that they’re unable to focus on other essential tasks.

    With marketing automation, employees are freed from repetitive, time-consuming marketing tasks. The automated processes that accompany marketing make things run seamlessly and efficiently, ensuring that leads are generated, nurtured, and ready to convert quickly.

    ” Interest in marketing automation has tripled over the past five years and this has been helped by new advances in technologies like machine learning – not to mention significantly more competitive prices. ”

    – ventureharbour.com

    Effective lead nurturing 

    After the initial discovery and gaining of leads, marketing efforts become focused on nurturing and qualifying them. This implies creating an emotional connection with the lead, making them feel like your business is one they want to buy from, and moving them along through the customer journey until they are ready to convert.

    This process can be difficult, confusing, and time-consuming. This is especially true when your business has a designated team for nurturing leads on their customer journey. Since it’s not easy to consistently reach out to and connect with multiple leads, in the end, many leads won’t end up becoming customers. The loss of potential customers and the discouragement of the marketing team doesn’t bode well for success.

    Marketing automation is the perfect tool for effective lead nurturing. The automated marketing system is programmed to send out emails and other marketing materials at regular intervals to continue connecting with each lead. No one has to keep a running, organized list of names, dates, email addresses, and position on the customer journey. The automated system does all of that for you, ensuring that each prospect receives the right communication at the right time.


    More than most anything else, personalization of communication is one of the most effective tools for lead nurturing. Personalization means that your business is using customized, targeted content when they reach out to your leads. With personalization, the prospect feels seen, heard, and understood by your business, which creates a sort of loyalty in them.

    Manually, personalization can be next to impossible. This is especially true when businesses are scaling up and growing. The greater number of leads they have, the more people they need to regularly communicate with on a personal level. No one has the time for that. Without automation, marketing content becomes less and less personal as the business grows, which ends up stifling their efforts and sending business backwards.

    However, by using marketing automation, personalization becomes streamlined and easy. Systems are able to look at the online behavior analysis of leads in order to strategically reach them in specific places, with relevant content. Targeted ads, social media posts, emails, and more enable businesses to reach the heart of their leads with the right content at just the right time.

    Alignment of sales and marketing

    Marketing and sales go hand-in-hand, yet they are two aspects of one goal; conversion. With a designated marketing team and a designated sales team, oftentimes the two don’t work as cohesively as they should.

    To ensure a high number of conversions, marketing efforts must qualify leads and then move them seamlessly to sales. This becomes possible with marketing automation. The processes involved with automated marketing enable sales and marketing to communicate and work together.

    Marketing automation enables sales and marketing to work together to improve the quality of leads, bring in higher revenue, and automate the processes in conversions.

    Marketing Automation gives you a system to help grow your business

    The goal of any type of automation is to automate the mundane and free up your time for better things. If you would like to win back time and install marketing automation in your business we should chat!

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