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A Lead Automation Systems Helps You Automated The Tedicious Lead Management Tasks.



Is your business struggling to keep up with marketing efforts? Are you throwing away your valuable time and budget on tasks and activities that never seem to yield the results you hoped for? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, your business will likely benefit from marketing automation.

When it comes to relationship marketing, automation is the single most effective and sophisticated tool in your business’s arsenal. It incorporates multiple marketing software capabilities to grow your customer loyalty and increase your ability to cross-sell and up-sell within your database.

This functionality is only possible by combining lead scoring and lead nurturing processes, content customization, and even machine learning and artificial intelligence to effectively promote your brand to customers. Due to its complexity, the most economical and effective way of accessing this technology is to seek the services of a marketing automation agency.



At Bold Eye Media, our experienced digital marketing experts use Active Campaign to build a lead machine specifically for your business. We'll work with you to help plan and design unique strategies and personalized messages to engage with your target audience. Our work helps empower your sales team by supplying them with sales qualified leads, lead scoring, automated drip campaigns, and seamless CRM integration. Your Lead Machine will allow you to take incoming leads from your website and nurture them into loyal, paying customers.

Successful marketing automation must be able to manage the entire lead lifecycle, from their very first interaction with your brand to conversion and analysis. This is done through a combination of Inbound marketing tools like landing pages and social media, Outbound marketing tools like email marketing, lead generation, and analytics. All of these combine to track your website visitors and analyze their patterns so that you can accurately identify leads at various points along the sales funnel.

While there’s a false marketing myth that email marketing and marketing automation can be used interchangeably; in reality, one is simply an extension of the other. Email marketing is actually a component of marketing automation. With the help of our trusted marketing automation consultant, you’ll easily be able to differentiate between the two and keep your marketing plan on the right track. How could partnering with digital marketing experts help achieve your business goals?




Part of an effective lead generation system is qualifying incoming leads to make sure they are a match for your services. We don’t just send any interested parties to your sales team. Instead, we only select those most qualified to become paying customers. The first step is asking them qualifying questions to extract information to see if they will be a good fit. This not only improves your sales team’s chances of success but also cuts down on the time they would otherwise have wasted on dead-end leads.



After you have given a lead a proposal or quote it is good to follow up and stay top of mind. A follow-up sequence can help remind you to follow up or even automatically follow up for you.



Not every incoming lead can instantly turn into a booked appointment or a purchasing customer. Some of them will require more education and retargeting until they finally decide to commit to using your services. Our lead machine can help achieve this through personalized email nurture sequences, which educate your leads further about your unique offer and how it can help with their particular pain point.

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Bold Eye Media Testimonials


I've used Bold Eye Media for multiple websites now and recommend Mitch to anyone who needs a new site or updated site. His websites are beautiful and incredibly powerful. Mitch also takes into careful consideration the specifics of your business and recommends tools to grow organization. Best of all there's no huge fees every time you need to update something on your website. Mitch empowers you to be able to manage basic aspects of your site on your own but is always there to help with the big changes. Bold Eye Media is the best option for website building and management in this town.
I would highly recommend Mitch and Bold Eye Media for all your web services and maintenance. Mitch is highly skilled and caring about how your site should be best represented, and shows you how get the best traction possible. He made the whole website process easy for someone like me to best understand what I am getting and how best to be in control of my own stuff. Be sure to check him out!
Mitch is a ROCKSTAR- I have had the honor to know Mitch for a while, and Even more so, I have had the honor of him working with me on my coaching business, my coaching skills, and honestly anything I needed. He built an amazing site, that really speaks to me and my company, vs the one that we placed as a placeholder, and never changed- As an busy CEO, Father and Grandfather, Mitch was able to help me unpack what I wanted and needed for the site, layout, content, etc. I would highly recommend Mitch and his team for ANYTHING you as a business owner needs on the Digital Marketing space.
Mitch worked through the many challenges during the national lock down on my business' website. We had numerous rounds of revision and he communicated well through the entire project. Working with Bold Eye was organized, a great value and I recommend them for anyone looking for web expertise. Thanks Mitch!
Mitch & Bold eye media are awesome! They know what they are doing and execute quickly and effectively. I could not have been happier with the outcome of our project.


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