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Darbonnier Tactical Supply LLC (DTS LLC) was founded by a group of veterans who provide tactical gear to the Department of Defense, as well as law enforcement officers and first responders. However, DTS LLC did not have a website. This was hurting their ability to reach many of the people who could benefit from their products. They needed a mobile-friendly, descriptive website to showcase the supplies that they have available.

Bold Eye Media built a new website to showcase what DTS LLC does for its clients. Using compelling images and a bold design, the site was created to demonstrate DTS LLC’s commitment to their mission and values. A high-converting design and easy-to-use form work together to generate leads who might be interested in DTS LLC’s services. The site is also fully responsive so that it shows up well on mobile devices.

With a clean, user-friendly digital presence, Darbonnier Tactical Supply LLC can now better connect with their target audience and communicate their brand to the world. Those interested in using DTS LLC as a supplier can easily find the information they need to get started. DTS LLC can now be proud of their website as they are of those who serve our nation.


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