Kevin Coleman

Project Overview

Kevin Coleman, a renowned artist known for his captivating artworks, needed a website that could effectively showcase and sell his art. The challenge was to create an online platform that was visually engaging, easy to navigate, and equipped with a secure e-commerce setup. Kevin Coleman Art sought the expertise of Bold Eye Media to bring this vision to life.


  1. Engaging eCommerce website design to keep website visitors on the site.
  2. Easy navigation across the website.
  3. Easy access to information and resources.
  4. Use of white space for better readability and navigation.
  5. High-quality photography.
  6. WooCommerce integration for selling artwork.
  7. Google Analytics performance reporting.
  8. High-speed page loading.
  9. Anti-spam features on contact forms.
  10. Video tutorials and a user manual for the content management system.

Our Approach

We collaborated closely with Kevin Coleman to understand his artistic style, his goals for the website, and his target audience. Our design team created a unique, visually engaging website, taking care to echo Kevin’s artistic vision and aesthetic.

We integrated WooCommerce to facilitate the sale of artwork, ensuring a smooth and secure online shopping experience for customers. We used high-quality photographs of the artwork to provide an accurate representation of each piece.


The resulting website was a perfect blend of form and function:

  1. Engaging Design & Easy Navigation: We designed a visually appealing website that mirrored Kevin Coleman’s artistic style while ensuring that visitors could navigate the site quickly and easily.
  2. Effective Use of White Space: We utilized white space strategically to allow for easy readability and to guide visitors to important elements, such as artwork listings and purchase buttons.
  3. WooCommerce Integration: WooCommerce was seamlessly integrated into the website, creating a secure and user-friendly platform for customers to purchase artwork.
  4. High-Quality Photography: We used high-quality photographs of Kevin’s artwork, ensuring that the digital representations were as close to the originals as possible.
  5. Google Analytics Performance Reporting: We integrated Google Analytics to provide valuable insights into visitor behavior, helping Kevin to understand his audience better and make informed decisions.
  6. High-Speed Page Loading & Anti-Spam Features: We ensured the website loaded quickly and efficiently, and added anti-spam features to all contact forms to protect against unwanted messages.

Performance Enhancements

In addition to the visual and functional aspects of the website, we implemented performance enhancements, including high-speed page loading and Google Analytics for performance reporting. Anti-spam features were added to contact forms to ensure a secure user experience.


Kevin Coleman Art’s website is now a digital art gallery that not only showcases the artist’s work but also serves as an effective e-commerce platform. With its visually engaging design and user-friendly navigation, the website brings Kevin’s art to a broader audience while providing a secure and easy-to-use platform for art lovers to add to their collections.


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