Upgrade your website with our Website Add-Ons

Website Add-Ons

Take your digital experience to new heights with Bold Eye Media's Website Add-Ons, powering your brand with groundbreaking features for enhanced visibility and unparalleled user engagement!

Fully Custom Website

Experience digital craftsmanship at its finest with Bold Eye Media's Full Custom Website add-on, tailored meticulously to your brand for an unforgettable online impression!


Elevate your brand with Bold Eye Media's Logo add-on, offering unique, striking designs that captivate your audience.


Transform your website into a persuasive powerhouse with Bold Eye Media's Copywriting add-on, crafting engaging narratives that entice, convince, and convert your visitors!

Extra Pages

Expand your digital canvas with Bold Eye Media's Extra Pages add-on, providing additional space to engage, inform, and impress your website visitors!

Project Portfolio

Amplify your business's achievements with Bold Eye Media's Project Portfolio add-on, elegantly showcasing your past projects to impress and engage your audience!

CRM Integrations

Streamline your customer interactions with Bold Eye Media's CRM Integration add-on, bridging your website's contact forms and top-tier CRMs for optimal business performance!

SEO Jumpstart

Outshine the competition and become a search engine favorite with Bold Eye Media's SEO Jumpstart add-on, your secret weapon to skyrocket visibility and traffic!

Bold Builder

Supercharge your online operations with Bold Eye Media's Bold Builder add-on, a power-packed toolkit offering seamless customer interactions, streamlined business workflows, and enhanced digital visibility!


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