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Created by Bold Eye Media on January 5, 2021
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    These days, marketing is an essential part of running a successful business. However, many business owners don’t really understand what goes into marketing. It’s not the old concept of advertising; just throwing a couple of commercials onto the tv or paying for a full-page ad in a newspaper or magazine.

    Marketing today embodies a number of tools and techniques. It requires a seamless strategy that is planned and executed with intention.

    In order to create this strategy, craft a marketing roadmap to give your team cohesive direction and ensure that they are all working towards your overall goals.

    What’s a Marketing Roadmap?

     A marketing roadmap is a drawn out plan that includes your goals, the steps that need to be taken in order to achieve them, and the time frame that they should be completed within.

    With a marketing roadmap, you should be able to take chaotic, accumulated ideas and organize them into a simple, streamlined process. You should also be able to gain awareness of your specific intentions and what you are seeking to accomplish. By figuring out what you are headed towards, you will better be able to draw out a map with the necessary steps and plans to get there.

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    ” Most marketers use a calendar or checklist as their roadmap, but your roadmap’s format is ultimately up to you. ”

    – coschedule.com

    Why do I Need a Marketing Roadmap?

    Creating a marketing roadmap can help you paint out and communicate your overall vision and goals for your business. Getting your team on board is essential for success, so clearly communicating your goals to your team is necessary.

    With a marketing roadmap, you should be able to gain buy-in and understanding from your team, ensure seamless processes for every event, program, function, and more, create awareness of your business’ campaigns, launches, and events, communicate with your team, as well as collect and analyze data.

    When you’re headed to a new location, you don’t set out without anything to guide you. Instead, you create a plan to help you get where you want to be. You follow your GPS as it reads out the directions, every step of the way. You’re determined to reach the next location.

    Marketing Roadmaps are the GPS of business. They are your path to your destination. Without a detailed map as you travel, you miss out on things along the drive. Not only that, but there’s a good chance you get side-tracked and never reach your destination.

    Creating a marketing roadmap is going to help you start off on track, make wise choices pointing in the direction of your goals, and will keep you headed in the right direction.

    ” Build marketing roadmaps for each team function, program, or customer segment so each group can deliver in sync and on schedule.”

    – aha.io

    How do I Create a Marketing Roadmap?

     Unless you’re a lone startup with literally no one else involved in your business, you don’t want to create the roadmap yourself. Drawing out a marketing roadmap needs assistance from people invested in the success of your business, including employees, friends, and other business owners.

    Here are the steps you want to take when creating your marketing roadmap:

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    • Decide the basic business goals

     You need to know where your business is headed and why. Without a destination, your team is just driving around aimlessly. They need to know the purpose of the business, what your business is trying to achieve, and why.

    You want your team to develop buy-in about your business in general, as well as specific events, messages, and products. They need to know the WHY in order to agree with it. By writing down your overall goals for your business, you’re setting you and your team up for success.

    • Determine teams for your marketing roadmap

    Part of your plan will be deciding who the plan is actually for. Do you have different categories of teams, each with a different focus? If so, you’re going to want to create different tasks for different categories. You can divide your roadmap tasks up into various sections for each category, which may include customer support, sales, products, IT, leadership, and more.

    By breaking the tasks up into different categories, you’re able to ensure that everything gets done by the team that is best suited for them. Your teams will be able to read the roadmap without trouble, understanding the overall goals for your business and zeroing in on the specific tasks that they need to accomplish. They’ll also be able to work cohesively with the other teams by reading through and understanding their specific tasks and how they relate to others.

    • Break your goal down into manageable steps

    Once you have determined your goals and divided your team up into smaller teams, you’ll be ready to write out the various steps needed to reach those goals. Every step should be specific, clear, and doable for your teams. After writing out the specific steps, you will want to divide them up by team and distribute each task to the team that is best suited to complete the task.

    In your roadmap, you can also include deadlines for the tasks, and, if you’re really feeling spicy, a reward for the completion of certain tasks. Your employees will be able to work through the tasks for their team, focused on the overall goals, and occasionally motivated by some reward.


    A Marketing Roadmap Help Create An Actionable Marketing Plan For Your Business

    You have a lot to do to get your marketing going. To streamline things, start with a marketing roadmap. Write out your goals, break your employees up into various teams, and design tasks that will lead you to your goals, divided up into each team. Your marketing roadmap will guide you and help you stay focused on the end goal.

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