Do Contractors and Construction Companies Need a Website?

Created by Bold Eye Media on August 1, 2020
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    Your Website is Your First Impression

    Now more than ever before, your website is a potential clients’ first impression of your business. When they can’t find out the web, they may think they can’t trust you and you are not a reliable and reputable business and move on to the next company. When a customer looks you up they want to be able to find a website to see what your company has to offer, prices, your business philosophy, and even some reviews from past clients. You want to present yourself as the best option and persuade them to choose your company. That is why it is imperative that your construction company has a website where potential customers can check out all that you have to offer.

    ” People make snap judgments. It takes only 1/10th of a second to form a first impression about a person. Websites are no different. ”


    website design for construction companies

    Isn’t Word of Mouth Enough?

    In the contracting world, we rely on word of mouth for a lot of referrals and recommendations. But, word of mouth and traditional forms of advertising like door-knocking and telephone book ads can only go so far these days. You need a website in order to constantly market your business. The good thing about a website is you don’t need to go to the door to door or make cold calls to recruit customers, the website does the marketing for you because it is always there and always available, even when you are out on a job. Furthermore, when your website is properly optimized for SEO, people will be lead to your website when they search for the services that you offer in their area and it will turn into a steady stream of leads for your business. Even when customers are referred to your company by word of mouth, they will likely want to check out your website for themselves and if they can’t find one they will likely find another construction company or contractor that does have a website.

    Get Found Online

    Simply having a website is a surefire way to gain new customers, especially when your website is done right. If a customer is searching for your services in their area online and you don’t have a website you are completely missing out on the business opportunity. Having a website is an easy way to let your website do the talking and negotiating and bring business to your front door.

    Websites Help You Engage with Customers

    As contractors, you know your reputation is very important and you always want to offer the best customer service possible. A website is an easy way to interact with your customers— past, present, and future. This can be done in many forms.

    • Customer Reviews: The more positive customer reviews that get left on your website, the higher in the search rankings you will be. The higher you appear in search rankings, the more traffic to your website. When potential customers read positive reviews about your services, they will be more likely to hire you. When customers have negative feedback, you can take the opportunity to reply to them apologizing and also taking the opportunity to address any shortcomings that may be happening at your business. This will show customers that you value their opinion so much that you work to make the appropriate changes.
    • Social Media: Social media is another way to interact with your customers. Maybe they will tag you in a photo of a great job done and you can leave a comment on the photo to engage with them. When you have a social network that can be tagged in photos, it will allow other people to click on your profile and have access to your services as well. Social media can also be used as a quick way to communicate if customers have any questions or concerns.

    Tell and Control Your Brand’s Story

    Just because you don’t have a website, doesn’t mean you don’t have an online presence. It’s likely that even without a website you are listed in some sort of directory or online Yellow Pages. Or, there could be companies in the same industry with similar names. This is dangerous because it allows you zero control over your brand’s image and story. If somebody leaves a negative review on a directory or listing page and you don’t see it, you lose the opportunity to reply in a polite way and apologize and even save face. If someone with a similar name to yours has a website that is not updated and full of broken links, that’s going to inadvertently drive customers away from your business! Build a website to control your brand’s story and also as a way to share your brand’s story.

    website design for contractors

    Hire a Professional For Your Contractor Website Design

    In order to build and keep an easy-to-navigate website that will attract customers and grow your SEO rankings, you’ll need to call on the pros. That’s because a website is not something that you can just build, throw online, and leave unattended. Doing this will cause your website to run slow, have broken links, and generally drive customers away. You need to make sure your website stays updated with current information, resources for customers, that it is fast and that the links work. All of these things, plus relevant content will help you rank high in SEO and bring you more customers to your website and in turn your business. An SEO and website design agency are well worth the investment these days.

    With a little time and dedication to building and maintaining your website, you will be happy with the return on investment in the form of new clients who find you by your online presence. So, what are you waiting for? Get in the website game today!

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